A skipping rope (British English) or jump rope (American English) is a tool used in the sport of skipping/jump rope where one or more participants jump over a ...


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What is Rope Jumping? Rope jumping is a sport involving one or more people jumping over a rope that is being swung.


Plus, it could easily be competitive, we just need teams to compete to see whos better. Overall, jump rope is totally a sport, and an absolutely excellent one, ...

Aug 1, 2016 ... Try as hard as you can to stop watching. We have not idea who came up with this sport but it is inhuman how fast these people jump rope.
Feb 15, 2015 ... Trans World Sport feature from Japan on Double Dutch Rope Skipping. The Japanese lead the way in this sport. Subscribe to Trans World ...
Oct 1, 2014 ... Discover how freestyle rope skipping can give you a heart pumping ... Sport Singapore ... What type of jump rope do you guys prefer to use?.
Aug 10, 2008 ... This video should give you some ideas, what JUMP ROPE is and can be. Most of the sequences are from national or international ...


Nov 10, 2017 ... The jump rope has all but been forgotten by many strength and conditioning coaches, but it's still a very effective training tool.