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Keywords: cold tolerance, mountain pine beetle, seasonality, spruce beetle, temperature ... ture (Powell and Logan 2005) and precipitation (Berg et al. ...... Balanyá J, Oller JM, Huey RB, Gilchrist GW, Serra L. 2006. .... Nealis V, Peter B. 2009.


Aug 31, 2017 ... 2013) and sapwood and spruce heartwood (Vainio-Kaila et al. .... 8 atomic force microscope equipped with a NanoScope V controller (Bruker ...


May 22, 2008 ... Here, we used somatic embryos of Norway spruce (Picea abies) to investigate the .... McII-Pa directly participates in nuclear degradation (Bozhkov et al. ..... in the Instructions for Authors (www.plantphysiol.org) is: Peter V. Bozhkov .... Li J, Bostock RM, Gilchrist DG (1996) Apoptosis: a functional paradigm for ...


May 6, 2010 ... OTU diversity in black spruce forests was only one-third of the .... The Intermontane Boreal Forest ecoregion (Nowacki et al., 2001) of Interior .... and assembled for each sporocarp or soil clone using Aligner v. ...... Usher MB, Callaghan TV, Gilchrist G, Heal B, Juday GP, Loeng H, Muir MAK, Prestrud P. 2005.


Oct 6, 2015 ... A quantitative review by Gagic et al. ... to increase their value as carabid biodiversity refuges at the landscape level (Brooks et al., 2012). ... 9, Kielder, Northumberland, NY 715860, Foothills, Sitka spruce, 1996–1997 ..... Garbarino M ., Borgogno Mondino E., Lingua E., Nagel T.A., Dukić V., Govedar Z., Motta ...


Oct 9, 2013 ... regions (black spruce forests and birch-aspen-white spruce forests), as supported by statistical tests. ... cant source of biodiversity (Usher et al. ..... clone using Aligner v. ..... Usher M.B., Callaghan T.V., Gilchrist G., Heal B.,.


Mar 16, 1990 ... contrasting, populations of black spruce were idt!n- titled in Kennedy ... methods described by Liengsiri et aL (1990). In order to confirm the ... u( rE) =-= v·0703Aj N. 2. +O'037 Pv'( AI N ..... E. GilChrist for the seed extraction, D.


Feb 22, 2018 ... Gentsch et al., 2018, Developmental Cell 44, 597–610 ... George E. Gentsch,1,5,* Thomas Spruce,1,3,5 Rita S. Monteiro,1,5 Nick D.L. ..... vs. control. 400 ...... Patrushev, I., Sesay, A.K., Smith, J.N., Smith, J.C., and Gilchrist, M.J..


Function of Sitka spruce stone cells as a physical defense against white pine weevil. ..... Reed DW, Stout JM, Zerbe P, Zhang Y, Bohlmann J, Covello PS, De Luca V, Page JE, Ro DK, ..... Gilchrist EJ, Haughn GW, Ying CC, Otto SP, Zhuang J, Cheung D, Hamberger B, .... In: Evolution of metabolic pathways, Romeo J.T. et al.