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Jun 7, 2016 ... capacity as El Centro Field Office. Manager for the ... v. SALLY JEWELL, in her official capacity as Secretary of the United. States Department of the Interior;. MIKE POOL, in his capacity as. Acting Director of the United States. Bureau of ... Allen M. Brabender (argued), John H. Martin, and Stacey. Bosshardt ...


Court of Appeals of Georgia. G. Watson BRYANT, Jr., in his capacity as Executor of the Estate of Richard Jewell v. COX ENTERPRISES, INC., d/b/a The Atlanta Journal Constitution et al. No. A11A0510. Decided: July 13, 2011. L. Lin Wood Jr. , Stacey Godfrey Evans and Nicole Jennings Wade, for Appellant. Peter Crane ...


By Michael Romey, J.P. Brisson, Michael Dreibelbis and Andrew Westgate Yesterday, the Court of Appeals for California's Third Appellate District issued its decision in California Chamber of Commerce, et al., vs. State Air Resources Board, et al., upholding the district court's decision and allowing the cap-and- trade system ...


L. (J.L.), ET AL. VS. CABINET FOR HEALTH AND FAMILY SERVICES, COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY, ET AL. Date: November 25, 2015. Docket Numbers: 2015-CA-000170-ME, 2015-CA-000171-ME, 2015-CA-000172-ME, 2015-CA-000173-ME. DAVIS (TERRANCE K.) VS. COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY


The Bank failed, and the Federal Deposit Insurance C... Graham v. Sheriff of Logan County, et al. Date: December 20, 2013. Docket Number: 12-6302. Justia Opinion Summary: Two prison guards had sexual intercourse with Plaintiff- Appellant Stacey Graham while she was in solitary confinement at the Logan County Jail in ...


Aluminum Company of America v. Grady B. Rollon Date: December 19, 2001. Docket Number: CA01-638. Aluminum Company of America v. Revies L. Stacey ... Randall Ford et al. Date: December 12, 2001. Docket Number: CA01-664. Thomas L. Ford v. Dependable Air and State Farm Insurance Date: December 12 , 2001


Oct 7, 2013 ... consideration in light of Descamps v. United States, 570 U. S.. ___ (2013). ORDERS IN PENDING CASES. 13A120. MANGINO, WILLIAM V. CAMERON, SUPERINTENDENT, ET AL. The application for a certificate of appealability addressed to Justice Sotomayor and referred to the Court is denied. 13M1.


Richard Horman, et al., defendants and third party plaintiffs, Appellants, Corey Loger, et al., Defendants and Third Party Plaintiffs, vs. Rick Ruprecht, et al., third party defendants, Respondents. A09-1311, Paul L. Jackels, et al., Appellants, vs. Warren Township Board of Supervisors/ Warren Township Planning Commission , ...


Jul 22, 2015 ... Thanks to Stacey Gordon, Larry Howell, and Robert Lane for ... be awed makes us better people, the iconic ESA remains a vital tool to keep our world a place worth living.8. 6. Humane Soc'y v. Jewell, 76 F. Supp. 3d 69 ... AND HUMAN SOCIETY (1996); Paul K. Piff et al., Awe, the Small Self, and Prosocial.