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Jun 16, 2017 ... Is your cat pregnant? We hope not. But if so, here's what to expect when dealing with a cat pregnancy, stage by stage.


However, if you are planning to breed your cat, this is what to expect when she is expecting. Signs of pregnancy · After 2 weeks, the nipples become enlarged and red, known as 'pinking-up'. · A pregnant queen may also go through a stage of being sick occasionally. · Your cat will gradually gain between one and two ...


Mar 20, 2013 ... If your cat is expecting kittens, you'll want to know what to expect and when. Find out what will happen at different stages of your cat's pregnancy.


Your cat's nipples will be large and prominent by this stage, and your cat will spend a lot of time grooming herself. She may begin to shed the fur on her belly, which is a natural process that sometimes accompanies pregnancy and is not cause for concern. Her fur will grow back in good time after she has delivered!


Jan 26, 2017 ... The largest symptom of a pregnant cat is her behavior. She will suddenly begin to show signs of excitement. This behavior is known to as “quickening”, and it is the critical stage of the cat's pregnancy in which the fetus begins to move. She will stretch, roll, and begin to search for a safe place to give birth.


May 15, 2017 ... It's rare, but in the earliest stages of pregnancy, your cat may have "morning sickness" that might show up as a lack of appetite or vomiting. If that keeps happening, take her to the vet. With the surge of hormones and changes to her uterus, she may show signs of fatigue. This phase will eventually fade after ...


After approximately 15-18 days of a cat pregnancy, you may notice that your pet's nipples become enlarged and red – this is known as 'pinking-up'. Similar to morning sickness in humans, your pregnant queen may go through a stage of vomiting. If you notice that her sickness becomes frequent, or she is at all unwell in any ...


Oct 23, 2017 ... This article deals with the development of the kitten embryo and care of the mother cat up until the date of birth.


A cat's pregnancy, the stages of cat pregnancy, and what you need to know when your cat is giving birth.