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Charles Raymond "Charlie" Starkweather (November 24, 1938 – June 25, 1959) was an American teenaged spree killer who murdered eleven people in the states of Nebraska and Wyoming in a two-month murder spree between December 1957 and January 1958. All but one of Starkweather's victims were killed between ...


Jan 27, 1994 ... Ostrofsky et al. 1983; Starkweather and Kellar. 1987), but much of the evidence is inconclu- sive. However, a strain of Anabaena minutis- sima does release a factor suppressing thoracic limb beat rate in Daphnia carinata (Forsyth et al. 1992 ). On the other hand, two cyanobac- teria very toxic to Daphnia do ...


Apr 11, 1977 ... et al. 1975; Starkweather. 1975; Duval and Gecn 1976) 24-h pho- tocyclcs. Diel pcriodicity in food collec- tion, at least for Daphnia, thus has both ... determination of the feeding rcsponscs of thcsc animals to environmental, cspe-. LIMNOLOGY. AND OCEANOGHAPIIY. 307. MARCH. 1978, V. 23(2) ...


In January 1958, teenagers Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate went on a 10-victim killing spree that began in Nebraska and ended near Douglas, Wyo., after a high-speed chase ... Caril turned away all visitors, including her sister, grandmother, brother-in-law and Charlie's brother, telling them her family was sick.


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Apr 15, 2010 ... L−1 (Gulati, 1990; Gulati et al., 1992; Ooms-Wilms et al., 1999; Bonecker and Aoyagui, 2005) and which has led to their frequent association with cyanobacteria (Starkweather, 1981; Bouvy et al., 2001; Leonard and Paerl, 2005) . Rotifers are able to reach high population densities quickly, especially when ...


Nov 15, 2016 ... Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is one of the popular machine learning algorithms that has been applied for time series forecasting and a widely accepted method for predictions of stock index, trend, and market [1, 2]. Kimoto et al. [3] were the first, in 1990, to apply a modular neural network machine ...


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