This is a timeline of online dating services that also includes broader events related to ... A "computer-dating company" started by James Schur. 1974, Cherry  ...


Mar 29, 2019 ... Start setting up friends and family with dates. ... Warnings. Only 1% of dating services survive, so have a clear business plan in place.


... relationship expert. If you find that either one of those situations rings true for people you know, consider starting a dating services business that helps people .


Our guide on starting a dating service covers all the essential information to help you decide if this business is a good match for you. Learn about the day-to-day ...


Tracey Hill left her very well paid job of 13 years to start a business in a totally different industry: the online dating agency. Read how she did it below...


Sep 26, 2017 ... There are a number of dating services on the market right now. If you are ready to jump into this exciting yet sometimes complicated business, ...


Mar 22, 2019 ... Every human being needs a perfect partner to live a complete and happy life. However, the task of finding a perfect match is not an easy one.


Feb 1, 2000 ... business - The Dating Game - Entrepreneur.com. ... The Dating Game. Start your own matchmaking service. Next. --shares. Sandra Mardenfield.


Oct 13, 2011 ... If you want to start your own moneymaking site for love connections, ... to join the site, and, if your business model is subscription-based, offer ...