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This is a list of Spanish Heads of State; that is, kings and presidents that governed the country of Spain in the modern sense of the word. The forerunners of the ...


Spain and its autonomous communities are divided into fifty provinces Ceuta, Melilla and the ... Historically, the provinces served mainly as transmission belts for policies enacted in Madrid, as Spain was a highly centralised state for most of its ...


In 1793, Spain went to war against the ... out and eventually the United States became involved.


Oct 1, 2017 ... Editorial: Police brutality has ignited the political crisis. Can Madrid and the pro- independence movement find a way forward?


The history of Spain dates back to the Early Middle Ages. In 1516, Habsburg Spain unified a ... 1500s to the 1650s, Habsburg Spain was the most powerful state in the world and the first empire ever in having possessions on five continents.


Cities and the state in Spain. PABLO FERNANDEZ ALBALADEJO. UnversidadAut6noma de Madrid. Any discussion of relations between "city systems" and ...


list of cities and towns in Spain: This is a list of cities in Spain organized alphabetically first by autonomous community and then by province. Andalusia Almería ...


The Monarchy of Spain holds the constitutional head of state, which has no executive role, other than appointing officials, requiring ...


The modern-day state of Spain originated as a series of separate and distinct ... joint rulers of Castile and Aragon, out of which would become the state of Spain.