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Aug 5, 2009 ... Stephens R(1), Atkins J, Kingston A. ... pain outcomes were assessed in participants asked to repeat a swear word versus a neutral word.


Oct 31, 2016 ... Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Rose et al v. Stephens Institute, case number 4:09-cv-05966, from California ...


Aug 25, 2004 ... Smith et al[39]. analyzed the impact of gender and depres- ... men with self- reported CVD versus 16.5% of women are ..... Stephens T: International trend in the prevalence of physical activity ... Thomas R, Miller N, Lamendola C, Berra K, Hedback B, Durstine J, et al.: National survey of gender differences in ...


Mar 22, 2013 ... v. Page. Psychological Variables to Health and Fitness, and Objective. Fitness Testing ..... monitoring (Stephens, 2009). In order to ... 2002; Hambrecht et al., 2000; Hedbäck, Perk, Hornbland, & Ohlsson, 2001; Jairath,. Salerno ...


Aug 25, 2004 ... Frasure-Smith et al[39]. analyzed the impact of gender and depression after ... For instance, 6.8% of Canadian men with self-reported CVD versus 3.9% of ..... [ PubMed]; Stephens T. International trend in the prevalence of ... [PubMed]; Thomas R, Miller N, Lamendola C, Berra K, Hedback B, Durstine J, et al.


Sep 1, 2017 ... in their home environment (Aronsson et al., 2009). Considering ... McKenna, 1996; Servey & Stephens, 2016). Particularly ... reassurance and practical opti ons for the patient to resume his valuable occupations and to implement the ...... B. Aronsson · Joep Perk · A.S. Norlén · B Hedbäck · B Hedbäck · Read.


E-mail: stephensprime@gmail.com ... phosphatase and tensin homologue (Pten )-v-ets erythroblastosis virus E26 ..... Hedback N, Jensen DH, Specht L, et al.


Blair, S. N. , Haskell, W. L., Ho, P., Paffenbarger, R. S., Vranizan, K. M., Farquhar, J. W., et al. ... In C. Bouchard, R. J. Shepard, T. Stephens, J. R. Sutton, & B. D. McPherson (Eds.), Exercise, fitness, ... Hedback, B. , Perk, J., & Wodlin, P. (1993). ... Evaluation of motivationally tailored versus standard self-help physical activity  ...


Te intensieve en al te strakke oefenschema's zijn vaak moeilijk uit- voerbaar, zodat ... que la sédentarité augmente le taux de morbidité et de mortalité et que d' autre part, ..... versus inactieve mensen suggereren een preventieve werking van fysie- ke inspanning ..... in Bouchard C., Shephard R., Stephens T. (eds.) : Physical ...