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Broderick Stephen Harvey (born January 17, 1957) is an American comedian, television host, producer, radio personality, actor and author. He hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, the Steve talk show, Family Feud, Little Big Shots and its spinoff Little Big Shots: Forever Young, and Steve Harvey's Funderdome. Harvey is ...


Feb 13, 2018 ... Steve Harvey's ex-wife's massive, $60 million lawsuit has been thrown out.


May 19, 2017 ... Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary Harvey is suing the talk-show host for $60 million — read the claims.


Dec 31, 2017 ... Mary Lee Harvey is the ex-wife of comedian Steve Harvey. Learn about their child together, and what she's up to now.


Feb 14, 2018 ... TMZ reported that a judge threw out Mary L. Vaughn's $60 million lawsuit against her ex-husband, in which she claims to have suffered from “prolonged torture with the infliction of severe mental pain and suffering” during their relationship. She also said the alleged emotional abuse caused her to attempt ...


Feb 14, 2018 ... A judge has dismissed a $60 million lawsuit filed by Steve Harvey's ex-wife, who claimed that she contemplated suicide amid their 2005 divorce due to the TV host's actions. Mary Harvey sued the 61-year-old for child endangerment, torture, conspiracy against rights, intentional infliction of emotional ...

Apr 28, 2017 ... Steve Harvey's wife exposes him once again. She says some pretty incriminating things about him, but you know there are always three sides to a story. So you guys can watch what she has to say and form your own Joosey opinions on the situation.


May 19, 2017 ... Last month, Steve Harvey's ex-wife, Mary Shackleford, put him on blast for the sloppy way he ended their marriage in order to tie the knot with his "mistress" ( according to Mary, anyway), Marjorie Harvey. She claimed their divorce was never finalized and said she wanted $50 million to make the problem go ...


Jan 4, 2018 ... Steve Harvey won a major battle in court agains his ex-wife, Mary Vaughn, after a Los Angeles judge said her claims that Harvey "murdered her soul” and caused her severe emotional anguish instead belonged in another courthouse and in another state.