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In 1996, the Swedish navy commissioned three Gotland-class submarines. On the surface, these boats are propelled by marine diesel engines. However, when submerged, they use a Stirling-driven generator developed by Swedish shipbuilder Kockums to recharge batteries and provide electrical power for propulsion.

Since 1974, Sunpower, the originator of the free-piston Stirling engine (FPSE), has developed and delivered fully engineered engine prototypes and preproduction units ... Clicking on the “Free-Piston Stirling Generator” button displays an engine with a linear alternator connected to the piston to generate power on the wires ...

Stirling engine generator designs vary based on the intended purpose. There are many Stirling engine configurations that will generate electricity. Starting with little model engines that generate just enough electricity to light an LED Light to large 25 KW Stirling engine generators that power many homes.

Stirling Engine Generator