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Search terms and strategies were selected through team collaboration as well as terms used in other reviews (e.g., Schumacher et al., 2001; Stith et al., 2008). .... summary first discusses IPV directionality (i.e., one partner versus both partners involved) found in the adult and adolescent studies and measurement of IPV.


Jan 13, 2014 ... However, a meta-analytic review by Stith, Rosen, Middleton, Busch, Lundeberg & Carlton (2000) found that effects of observation of parental violence and .... Based on our multivariate examination of risk factors for perpetration of physical IPV (O'Leary et al., 2007), we predicted that current alcohol abuse ...


Stith et al. (2000) examined the relationship between family of origin violence and intimate partner violence. The authors report effect sizes ranging from r = .08 to r = .35 between domestic violence and various aspects of witnessing or experiencing family violence as a child. Sugarman and Frankel (1996) examined the.


Renner & Slack, 2006), a number of inconsistencies have been reported (Stith et al., 2000). Specifically, studies report that, in some cases, witnessing parental violence (as opposed to experiencing violence) has a greater influence on later perpetration and victimization (Kalmuss,. 1984). Other studies have demonstrated a ...


Systemic Perspectives on Intimate Partner Violence Treatment. Sandra M. Stith. Kansas State University. Eric E. McCollum. Virginia Tech. Yvonne Amanor-Boadu ..... Stith, et al., 2003). General guidelines suggest screening all couples using individual interviews with both partners, and multimodal assessments (e.g. written ...


et al., 2002), but much less is known about mental health risk factors associated with perpetration of physical IPV by either men or .... and Karakanta, 2012, and meta analytic review by Stith, Smith, Penn, Ward, and Tritt (2004). .... life, and major decisions (all or most of the time on one or more areas vs. less frequently); and.


et al., 2002; Stark and Flitcraft, 1988; Stith et al.,. 2004], yet little research ... Simons et al. [2008] found that IPV victimization was associated with higher rates of both alcohol and drug use, but this study also has limited general- izability and does not .... men in help-seeking samples vs. men in community samples, because ...


pression (Capaldi & Crosby, 1997; Magdol et al., 1997; Stith et al., ... et al., 2004). Common research conceptualizations of relationship violence often include fairly minor acts of physical aggression, which may or may not have clinical consequences. ... tion versus victimization (Magdol et al., 1998), there are also many.


Dec 20, 2017 ... Sandra Stith, Eric McCollum, and Karen Rosen at Virginia Tech, Falls Church,. developed and tested a couples treatment program for IPV, Domestic Violence Focused. Couples Treatment (DVFCT) which is based on a solution-focused treatment approach. (Rosen et al., 2003; Stith et al., 2002; Stith et al., ...