Department of Agriculture v. Moreno, 413 U.S. 528 (1973), was a United States Supreme Court case that declared a provision of the Food Stamp Act denying ...


Jun 22, 2015 ... the Fifth Amendment. On remand from this Court over the issue of jurisdiction, Horne v. Department of Agriculture, 569 U. S. ___, the.


Dec 8 2014, Brief of respondent United States Department of Agriculture in ... Brief amicus curiae of Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America filed.


The government cannot exclude households from receiving food stamps based on whether they include a person who is unrelated to any other member of the ...


Jan 16, 2015 ... In 1949 the U.S. Department of Agriculture implemented the Marketing Order Regulating the Handling of Raisins Produced from Grapes Grown ...