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This is a descriptive list of art from the Stone Age, the period of prehistory characterised by the widespread use of stone tools. This page contains, by sheer volume of the artwork discovered, a very incomplete list of the works of the painters, sculptors, and other artists who created what we now call prehistoric art. For fuller ...


It ended with the advent of the Bronze Age and Iron Age . The Stone Age is divided in three distinct periods: the Paleolithic Period or Old Stone Age (30,000 BCE–10,000 BCE), the Mesolithic Period or Middle Stone Age (10,000 BCE– 8,000 BCE), and the Neolithic Period or New Stone Age (8,000 BCE–3,000 BCE) . The art ...


Stone Age Art: Definition, Types, Artists: Paleolithic Cave Paintings, Mesolithic Rock Art, Neolithic Pottery.


Paleolithic art was not created simply for aesthetic experience, however. Like much of the world's traditional art, stone age sculptures and paintings were probably believed to have supernatural effects.E4 Female figurines, for instance, may been sculpted in hopes of improving a tribe's fertility, while animals may have been ...


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Most people think of cave paintings, when ancient art is mentioned, however there is much more. At the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic era of prehistory ( from 40,000 BCE onwards), fine art suddenly came to Europe. These early forms of early art were either portable sculptures (mobiliary art), often of small female " venus ...


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Early humans may have used art as a way of helping themselves in their struggle for survival. Paintings of animals on cave walls are common. Perhaps this was thought to bring success when hunting or acted as a call for help from a spirit world the people believed in. The famous cave paintings at Lascaux in southwest  ...


For thousands of years humans have left their mark on the world by making art. Some of the earliest art on Earth includes small sculpted figurines and paintings on cave walls with natural pigments. In this lesson, we'll explore examples of Stone Age art.