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Jeffrey Rignall (August 21, 1951–December 24, 2000) was an American author who survived ... Rignall was fastened to a torture device called "the rack", which was similar to ... Rignall was brutally raped, drugged, whipped, and tortured by Gacy. ... Who Killed Boys: The John Wayne Gacy, Jr. Story by Clifford L. Linedecker ...


Throughout history, the ways women have been tortured at the hands of the ... In many cases the procedure leads to a host of infections, which can result death.


Nov 19, 2014 ... Here are eight of the most brutal torture and execution methods used ... to apply as much torture while prolonging the victim's eventual death. ... A popular method of torture employed in Russia, France, and Medieval Britain, the rack ... Some accounts assert the torture tool was used on women accused of ...


Oct 24, 2013 ... The following is more terrifying than most horror stories because it is true. ... Besides the usual implements of torture, such as, a rack, ... Labels: border, castle, Chillingham, ghosts, John Sage, killing room, medieval, torture ...


Oct 28, 2010 ... Torture and gruesome executions were designed in part to ensure the salvation of the convicted person's soul. ... Then the culprit was tied to the rack, where his arms and legs were broken. In the end, he ... In some cases, benevolent executioners faked the gruesome death of a convict. ... Sponsored stories.


Dec 29, 2013 ... Here is a quick rundown of 10 most cruel and hideous torture ... Device was never washed, so the torture could often lead to painful infection or even death. 8. .... The Rack consisted of a large rectangular wooden frame, with a ...


This story enables the reader to visualize the methods of torture and killing used during the Middle.


Oct 19, 2009 ... Top Stories ... Get a load of the following nine insane torture techniques used in ... victims would bleed to death after said confession, or sometimes before. ... of torture techniques would be complete without the infamous rack?


A person sent to the guillotine generally has a swift death unless the executioner does not know what they are doing or uses a dull.