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We've brought together a list of some weird and wonderful words, from aa (a kind of ... in an unrelated sense ('a stream') aa is the first entry in the Oxford English ...


Mar 3, 2011 ... Do you have a favorite weird word in English or any other language? Drop us the word and definition in the comments section below!


Becoming fluent in English can be tricky! English's crazy vocabulary is almost definitely to blame. There are many words that look and sound totally weird.


May 20, 2014 ... The blog explores some of the craziest words in English, some of which are ... from “hurry” to “zany” and in the 1400s they were quite strange.


Bold graphics and visual wit are used to interpret and represent a collection of strange, unusual and lost words. These images explore the meaning behind the  ...


A by no means exhaustive list of rare, obscure, strange and sometimes funny words and ... hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian, Pertaining to extremely long words.


words submission word l definitions english comfort safety noun otherwordly other-wordly rare word rare words unusual word unusual words safe place strange ...


Sep 22, 2007 ... English is a wonderful language with some of the strangest pronunciation rules and words that come from many other languages. This is a list ...


Amazingly, the only English word with three Ys also happens to describe a rare astronomical event involving ... Now, what is the only common English word to end in -mt? ... Start your day with weird words, fun quizzes, and language stories.