Suber may refer to: Quercus suber, the cork oak, a plant species; Schistura suber, a ray-finned fish species; Lorenzo Suber (born 1912), Italian professional ...


Quercus suber, commonly called the cork oak, is a medium-sized, evergreen oak tree in the section Quercus sect. Cerris. It is the primary source of cork for wine ...


From Latin sūber, apparently from the same Proto-Indo-European root as Old High German swigen (“to be silent”), possibly a reference to cork being stripped ...


Suber definition is - corky plant tissue : phellem; especially : the outer bark of the cork oak.


I had two sisters and a brother and when we was sold they went to Mr. Suber 's sister and I stayed with him. Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the ...


Suber definition: the thick light porous outer bark of the cork oak , used widely as an insulator and for... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Suber, also known as süber, is a combination of "super" and "uber", the German word for "over" or "hyper".


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No stranger to the playing surface or sidelines for Bethune-Cookman University, Allen Suber returned to BCU in a new role for the 2017 season. The former ...