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To explore even deeper depths, deep-sea explorers must rely on specially constructed steel chambers to protect ...


Submersibles alone enable us to explore the abyssal depths. ... total vacuum of outer space, Alvin is built to withstand the crushing pressure of the deep ocean.


Hercules is one of the very few Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) specifically designed to be used as a scientific tool. Built for the Institute For Exploration (IFE),  ...


Edwin Albert Link, engineer, inventor, and friend of Harbor Branch founder Seward Johnson, working at Harbor Branch, designed and built the JSL in 1971,  ...


Jul 15, 2013 ... One of the world's first deep-sea human submersibles, Alvin, was built in 1964. Alvin made more than 4,400 dives, including dives to find a lost ...


The Mir I and Mir II are battery-powered, three-person submersibles with a maximum ... ever built, and gives them the capability to reach approximately 98% of the ocean floor. ... have continually been at the forefront of deep-ocean exploration.


Aug 25, 2008 ... But a new submersible is being built here, and even the process of ... describe it as “the most capable deep-sea research vehicle in the world.”.


Apr 17, 2017 ... To kick off a new era of human exploration of the oceans, he's trying to ... OceanGate's submersible built a 3D map of the A.J. Goddard, a ship ...


Dec 5, 2014 ... How do you build a submarine that can withstand the enormous ... it the perfect material for ocean exploration – better than steel or titanium.