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Practice subtracting positive and negative single-digit numbers.


Review the basic of subtracting negative numbers and try some practice problems.


Think of adding negative numbers as adding normal numbers, just with a negative sign. You add them the same way you would with positive numbers, you just ...


Subtracting positive and negative numbers can also be tricky because there are several rules to remember and follow. Rule 1: Subtracting a positive number ...


the way i think of it is that when you subtract positive numbers you move to the left , but since negative numbers are opposites, you would move to the right...

Sep 10, 2013 ... Learn how to add and subtract negative numbers in this step by step video. To see all my math videos visit my channel page ...
Apr 17, 2011 ... Subtracting a Negative Number from a Positive Number - Algebra Series: Learn how to subtract a negative number from a positive number.


The last two examples showed us that taking away balloons (subtracting a positive) or adding weights (adding a negative) both make the basket go down.


Subtracting a positive from a negative? Just remember: subtracting a positive is the same as adding a negative. See how it works in this tutorial!