Like all Skytron UV Disinfection Robots, the IPT 2280 Syndicate employs SmartDosage UV™ technology to assure disinfection of all surfaces including shadows ...


IPT 3200 MAX. The best value in UVC disinfection. The IPT 3200 Max is the most powerful UVC light disinfection system in the world with its PowerBoost UV™ ...


Skytron offers a complete portfolio of automated UVC robots that share the same ... With its effective, single-cycle, whole-room disinfections, Skytron UV delivers ...


Sep 4, 2018 ... Experts highlight CSC, CDC myths vs. reality, expectations vs. truth. 12 Honorable Mention .... Perrin, CEO, Active Innovations LLC, Annapolis, MD; Jean Sargent, CMRP,. FAHRMM, FCS ...... ical Research, Surfacide, LLC, explained how their .... Skytron or its affiliates, so there is no bias or conflict of interest ...


Washer Chemical System. AUTOMATED CHEMICAL DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR WASHER DISINFECTORS. EZCHEM can supply instrument cleaning, drying ...


Jun 1, 2018 ... Dishwashers vs. instrument washers; Reprocessing steps have unique differences ... Principal, Dee Donatelli Consulting, LLC, Overland Park, KS; Mary Beth Lang, ...... Surfacide – a revolutionary, patented triple emitter UV-C hard ..... Skytron www.skytron.com. STERIS Corp. www.steris.com. TBJ Inc.


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