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As of Thursday June 2, 2011, the pageant is sponsored by The Days of "47, Inc. and produced by International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Married names are in parentheses. For more information, read the following article: Lynn Arave, Deseret Morning News "History of Pioneer Days Celebration in Utah: Pioneer ...


This is the official web site for the Granite High School Class Of 1970.


Lynn C. Lang, Saint Cloud, MN. Nina Marrocco, Deltona, FL. Deborah Hendrixson, Wenonah, NJ. Frances Patch ... Susan Babbitt, Philadelphia, PA. Lora Sharnoff, Hollywood, CA. Deborah Dobski, Haines Falls, NY. Richard ...... Patience Breinholt, Mesa, AZ. Dana Lauritsen, San Jose, CA. Kevin Smith, Turners Falls, MA.


Slycord, Susan Lynn, House Staff I, University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, $1,068.75, $0.00, $1,068.75, 2013. Xu, Lai, House Staff I, University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, $1,068.75, $0.00, $1,068.75, 2013. Peters, Megan Leigh, House Staff I, University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, $1,068.75, $0.00, $1,068.75, 2013.


The forbidden Ouija board : Mormon experiences / Vivian Williams. Dates: 1976. Submitted by BYU student Vivian Williams for her Winter 1976 English 392 class. About the experiences Mormon members have had with Ouija boards. Contains a cover essay, autobiographical sketch, list of informants, and informant items.


ABBEY, MERELYN. Stud., U. of Conn. Rt. 44-A,. Mansfield Depot, Conn. ABERNETHY, MRS. JEAN B. Prof., H.E., Rutgers U.,. New Brunswick, N.J. MA, Soc., '36. T. ...... BLAIR, I. SUSAN. H.E. Teacher, Vestal, N.Y., Central. School. 276 Main St., Binghamton, N.Y.. BLAKE, FLORENCE G. Prof., Nursing, U. of Chicago. 6019 S.


Stacylyn Bennett. Actor. Jennifer Erekson. Actor. Margo Watson. Actor. Jodi Jarvis . Actor. Suzanne May. Actor. Olivia Kennedy. Actor. Dana Anquoe. Actor. Ischa Bee. Actor. Jennie Nguyen. Actor. Leslie Smithers. Actor. Jazmine Shaw. Actor. Sadie Stahura. Actor. Yvonne Bennett. Actor. Kelly Hennessey. Actor. Julie-Anne


Lynn Maylett. 1780. 2/16/1951. Mark Asher Nicholas. Ruth Peel. 1781. 2/21/1951 . John Burt Larson. LaJune Morley. 1779. 2/26/1951. Ronald B. Rasmussen ...... Leo Osman Osborne. Lou Ann Hafen. 2259. 12/9/1955. Charles Henry Jensen. Barbara Breinholt. 2260. 12/16/1955. Keith Glen McArthur. Dorothy Tucker. 2256.


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