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A symbol is a mark, sign, or word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship. Symbols allow people to go beyond  ...


Define symbol: an authoritative summary of faith or doctrine : creed — symbol in a sentence.


Symbol definition, something used for or regarded as representing something else; a material object representing something, often something immaterial; ...


Definition of symbol - a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process, e.g. the letter or letters standing.


From French symbole, from Latin symbolus, symbolum (“a sign, mark, token, symbol, in Late Latin also a creed”), from Ancient Greek σύμβολον (súmbolon, ...


List of all math symbols and meaning - equality, inequality, parentheses, plus, minus, times, division, power, square root, percent, per mille,...


Synonyms for symbol at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.


Symbols. Heart emojis, clocks, arrows, signs and shapes. 👁 🗨 Eye in Speech Bubble · 💘 Heart With Arrow · ❤ Red Heart · 💓 Beating Heart · 💔 Broken Heart ...


symbol meaning, definition, what is symbol: a sign, shape, or object that is used to represent something else: . Learn more.