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Do I need glasses? Learn 10 signs that could mean you need glasses. Vision symptoms may indicate it is time for you to schedule and eye exam.


Jul 16, 2015 ... Do you experience frequent headaches? Are you squinting a lot? It may be time to get glasses. Learn more about other common signs.


Here are some common signs that you may need glasses. 1. ... problem may be fixed with glasses, though halos also are a symptom of cataracts, says the AAO.


Learn more about the signs for needing glasses. Putting it off can just cause more damage. Let Think About Your Eyes help you find the nearest eye doctor.


Often the need for glasses is assessed based on vision issues such as squinting to ... If you're experiencing additional symptoms beyond dizziness, consult your ...


However, there are some signs and symptoms that should send you to the eye ... This is often one of the first signs in children that they may need eyeglasses.


If you need glasses, those muscles work even harder to help you see clearly. ... to experience one or more of the previous symptoms, thanks to presbyopia.


Share this article Women with glasses | 5 signs you need glasses | Tesco Living ... We all experience tired eyes as a symptom of everyday fatigue, but when it's a  ...


May 16, 2016 ... How to Tell if You Need Glasses. ... Don't forget that if you are experiencing these symptoms you need to make an appointment with your eye ...