The Syrian Ministry of Communications retains governmental authority over the internet in Syria ... There is mobile phone coverage in most parts of Syria providing access to 96% of the population. Call quality ranges from Good to acceptable.


Telephone numbers in Syria, lists the telephone numbering and dialing conventions in Syria. Contents. 1 Dialing conventions; 2 Mobile phones; 3 See also ...


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Answer 1 of 8: Hi there..........just wondering how sim cards work in Syria, is it easy to buy a pay as you go one and use it for the time i am in the country.........also ...


Jan 26, 2018 ... Also, be careful not to use your phone's camera so openly in the street, you could ... nothing in mobiles here more than that of Syria's mobiles except the GPS.


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Sep 7, 2015 ... So we know that Syria isn't dirt poor and we know that there's a lot of mobile phones: but why smartphones? Well, why not? In the West many ...