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TAG/ICIB has been serving the transportation industry for 40 years. As the industry has become more complex our staff of experienced professionals have developed systems that provide assistance to our clients in the most important aspect of business: COLLECTING EVERY PENNY THAT HAS BEEN EARNED.


The TAG/ICIB Services Group represents the combined talents and experience of three previously separate Companies: 1. TAG (The Adherence Group) was founded in 1977 and has its roots in auditing and cargo inspections for Ocean carrier conferences, Agreements and individual carriers. 2. ICIB (International Cargo ...


Tel: 49-(0)40-280-82416. Fax: 49-(0)40-280-82499 tessmer@tag-icib.com. Group Operations/ Sales Manager Bill Morrison Charleston,SC. Tel: 843-345- 8878. bmorrison@tagicib.com. Group Container Survey Manager General Manager, Container Survey & Related Services Iwein Blomme Antwerp. Tel: 32–( 0)3–542-0315


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