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Dec 22, 2017 ... Audino Podda .... Inclusion criteria were re-assessed for all participants, prior to each study .... for the convalescent sera with an ELISA method by Cohen et al. ... at 1 month after first and second vaccination versus baseline levels (D1). ..... Thompson CN, Duy PT, Baker S. The rising dominance of Shigella ...


All four NOT proteins were found to co-immunoprecipitate with CCR4 and ... [ PubMed]; Cook WJ, Chase D, Audino DC, Denis CL. ... Brownell JE, Candau R, Ohba R, Owen-Hughes T, Allis CD, Winston F, et al. .... [PubMed]; Wade PA, Werel W, Fentzke RC, Thompson NE, Leykam JF, Burgess RR, Jaehning JA, Burton ZF.


Modelling Passenger Departure Airport Choice: Implicit vs. .... Ndoh et al., 1990: Ndoh, N.N., Pitfield, D.E., Caves, R.E., 1990. ... Y. Suzuki, M.R. Crum, M.J. AudinoAirport Choice, Leakage, and Experience in ... Thompson and Caves, 1993.


mechanism (Audino et al. ... et al. 2000). Carbaryl resistance due to decreased sen- sitivity of AChE was already recognized .... aligned by a ClustalX version 1.8 (Thompson et al. ..... Reed, D. L., V. S. Smith, S. L. Hammond, A. R. Rogers, and.


Jan 31, 2006 ... González Audino et al. 2004). ... Effects of pyrethroids and DEET on T. infestans • Valeria Sfara et al. MATERIALS AND ... The Videomex-V software compares consecutive im- ages and ..... AL,. Denholm I, Thompson R 1999.


Apr 6, 2016 ... 2009 , Ponlawat et al. 2013 , Snetselaar et al. .... Student's t -test was used to compare both treatments (accelerated aging vs. control). ... and results were corrected by the recovery factor ( Thompson et al. ..... González Audino.


7 of 1993 – Belize Times Press Limited, Amalia Mai v Manuel Esquivel ... 2003 – Michael Feinstein, Belize Tourism Village Limited and Carlos Romero, Laura Thompson – Judgment ... 15 of 2003 – Martha Reneau et al v Ann Elizabeth Williams – Judgment ... 12 of 2007 – Atiliano Alvarez and Audino Molina – Morrison JA.


Jun 5, 2007 ... C40H78 (V, Appendix) (see Metzger and Largeau,. 1999 and references ... esis of B. braunii algaenan (Audino et al., 2001a,b,. 2002), a ...


Jul 13, 2010 ... The identified smaller core complex (Liu et al, 1998;. Bai et al, 1999; .... and (v) SDH (Chen et al, 2002) (Supplementary Figure 2). Bold characters ..... using CLUSTALW (Thompson et al, 1994) and the sequence alignment .... Liu HY, Badarinarayana V, Audino DC, Rappsilber J, Mann M, Denis. CL (1998) ...