Jul 9, 2009 ... v. Petro-Hunt, L.L.C., J.W. Beavers, Jr., as Trustee of William Herbert Hunt ..... Petro-Hunt claims the gas used at the central tank batteries is in ...


Nov 16, 2018 ... Petro-Hunt (full North Dakota Supreme Court opinion is here: Bice v. ... Bice v. Petro-Hunt, L.L.C. 9 provides an example of the majority view on ... fashion ( hence being stored in tank batteries at the well site until transport).


May 21, 2014 ... Petro-Hunt LLC, a privately held independent oil and gas company, is owned and operated by the William Herbert Hunt family. The two Hunts ...


Mar 31, 2004 ... J. Ralph White (argued), Montgomery, Barnett, Brown, Read, Hammond Mintz, New Orleans, LA, for Petro-Hunt, L.L.C.. Matthew Joseph ...


ABSTRACT. In Bice v. Petro-Hunt, L.L.C., the North Dakota Supreme Court expressly ... Hunt to use residue gas off the leased premises to fuel the central tank.


Mar 2, 2018 ... 2015) (grant of summary judgment is reviewed de novo); Thomas v. ..... Energy Production, LLC, in which Federal District Judge James O. ..... In Bice, Petro-Hunt sent casinghead gas to one of its three central tank batteries,.


Jul 29, 2014 ... Tank v. Citation Oil & Gas Corp., 2014 ND 123 (N.D. 2014). In Tank, the ... On October 30, 2009, Petro-Hunt, LLC was granted a state permit to ...


Feb 9, 2018 ... In Anderson Living Trust, et al. v. ... Petro Hunt LLC, 768 N.W.2d 496 (N.M. 2009) (tank batteries located off leased premises were held to be a ...


the Kansas Supreme Court's seminal opinion from last year in Fawcett v. Oil Producers, Inc. ..... In Bice v. Petro-Hunt, L.L.C.,66 the North Dakota Supreme Court.