This is a partial chronological list of cases decided by the United States Supreme Court during .... Lauro Lines s.r.l. v. Chasser et al. ... Arizona · 497 U.S. 639 (1990 ), Capital punishment and sentencing procedure, partially overruled by Ring v. ...... (2005), proving prior convictions obtained through guilty pleas under Taylor v .


Sep 1, 2017 ... The Supreme Court has previously held, however, in Martinez v. ... DUNN, No. ... (In Alabama, the jury recommends a sentence and the ultimate decision is ... have been filed in support of the State of Texas: States of Arizona, et al.; ...... the death sentence imposed in Alabama on Michael Shannon Taylor.


Jun 19, 2017 ... An indigent defendant facing the death penalty must receive access to a competent ... ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, et al.


May 14, 2018 ... The jury found him guilty of all three first-degree murder counts. At the penalty phase, English again conceded McCoy's guilt, but urged mercy ...


Dec 29, 2017 ... According to report from the Death Penalty Information Center, a nonprofit ... noted the Alabama case of death row inmate James McWilliams, McWilliams v. Dunn, in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that its case precedent ...


Feb 21, 2017 ... OF CORRECTIONS, ET AL. ... Petitioner Thomas Arthur, a prisoner on Alabama's death row, has ... 2. ARTHUR v. DUNN. SOTOMAYOR, J., dissenting and reverse . .... agreed to hear the case of death row inmates seeking to.


Jun 19, 2017 ... After the hearing, the jury recommended the death penalty by a vote of 10 ... counsel also received updated records from Taylor Hardin hospital, .... See Brief for National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers et al. as Amici ...


May 25, 2017 ... More than 73% of all death sentences in 2016 reported by the Death Penalty .... 16 PATRICK DIX ET AL., ORANGE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY INFORMANT POLICIES .... Taylor, 878 N.E.2d 969 (N.Y. 2007). ...... mindful of a pending U.S. Supreme Court ruling on a similar issue in McWilliams v. Dunn.


As of February 8, 2008 all opinions are Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. ..... Irish Fleet, Inc. 09/27/2018 The circuit court did not err in dismissing a wrongful death case on demurrer. ..... Code § 24.2-233, et seq., on the grounds that the petition was not signed under penalty of ...... 100260 Dunn, McCormack & MacPherson v.