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Aug 29, 2011 ... you guys are haters they made this to teach kids. Read more. Show less. Reply 1 2. SweetLady1 year ago. Great teacher tool! My son couldn't grasped my teaching but grasped rounding after watching this video. Thanks ... This was a great help to teach my class how to round to the nearest ten! Thank you!


Learn to use a number line to round 2-digit numbers to the nearest ten.


Sep 1, 2015 ... Your students will feel confident in their rounding abilities after this lesson that has them learn how to round numbers to the nearest ten both individually and with a group.


Examples and instruction showing how to round whole numbers to the closest ten. Includes a rounding calculator.


In this lesson you will learn how to round to the nearest 10 by using a number line.


Give kids lots of opportunities to practice rounding numbers. Rounding numbers to the nearest ten with craft sticks. This is a quick & easy activity for learning stations/learning centers/small groups/cooperative learning. Find this Pin and more on Rounding Numbers by pinningteacher. Hands on activity for rounding numbers.


good ideas for teaching rounding, shared by teachers. ... To introduce rounding to my lower kids, I do a little activity called "In the Neighborhood." I explain that there is a family of grown-ups living in a ... I am sure you have had students round 737 to 40 when asked to round to the nearest ten. I think the issue with kids and ...


Rounding Numbers. What is "Rounding" ? Rounding means making a number simpler but keeping its value close to what it was. The result is less accurate, but easier to use. round 73 is 70, 76 is 80. Example: 73 rounded to the nearest ten is 70, because 73 is closer to 70 than to 80. But 76 goes up to 80.


Here you'll find a series on worksheets on rounding numbers to the nearest ten. There are also worksheets on rounding to the nearest ten and hundred mixed.