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Underside of a Tech Deck fingerboard including Japanese-style graphics. There are also more professional fingerboards made of wood. A fingerboard is a working replica (about 1:8 scaled) invented by Jaken Felts, of a skateboard ... Tricks done on a fingerboard are inspired by tricks done on real skateboards. Jaken Felts ...

Oct 22, 2010 ... Learn the basics of fingerboarding street tricks in this video!
Nov 5, 2010 ... Tech Deck Tutorials: Advanced Street Tricks. Tech Deck. Loading. .... I hate tech decks but I only watch their vids because I fingerboard....
Aug 20, 2009 ... How to do tricks on a fingerboard ... u can get at Walmart $2.89 tech decks comes with 2. Read more .... can I get a tech deck pls dude pls.
Dec 22, 2012 ... easy tech deck tricks for beginners ... untill then keep practicing comment if u want to learn a specific trick .... Primitive Tech Deck Fingerboard vs Tony Hawk Circuitboard comparison close up - Toy Review - Duration: 10:31.


How to Kickflip on a Tech Deck. Learning how to do a kickflip on your fingerboard is a solid trick to have in your back pocket. The kickflip's foundation comes from ...


A fingerboard is a mini, 96-mm skateboard that you do tricks on with two fingers. If you ever want to ... If you are just starting out, a Tech Deck is a good way to go.


A Tech Deck fingerboard is a miniature version of a skateboard that you manipulate with your fingers to mimic the movements of a skateboarder's feet on a ...


Fingerboards are a great and cheap way to experiment with tricks and ... Tech Deck has some amazing ramps, rails and other obstacles that you can get to go ...