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The timeline of historic inventions is a chronological list of particularly important or significant technological inventions and the people who created the inventions . Note: Dates for inventions are often controversial. Inventions are often invented by several inventors around the same time, or may be invented in an impractical  ...


Jan 30, 2018 ... A short chronological timeline of inventions and discoveries from 4 billion BC to the present day!


Visit this site for this Technology Timeline detailing Key dates and events. Fast facts and information for students, children & kids via the Technology Timeline. The Technology Timeline provides a record of events in the order of their occurrence.


Timeline Technology Return to home. 13.5k BC – 11.2k BC In 2011 archeologists reported the discovery of 56 stone tools found in central Texas dating to about this time. The dating prefigured the “Clovis culture" by about 2 thousand years. ( SFC, 3/25/11, p.A7) 1000BC The world's oldest known lens was ground about this ...


Dec 6, 2007 ... Even in a time of accelerated technology advancements, innovations take time to gestate.


Petroleum Engineering Technology Timeline. The technology timeline displays key technological innovations made in the petroleum engineering industry since the beginning of the 19th Century. Scroll through the timeline to learn more about the individuals, companies, and technologies that have played key roles in ...


Jul 7, 2009 ... Please note, many of the technologies are difficult to attribute, and historical dates are often approximate. 400,000 BC. The earliest evidence of humans using spears, in a part of Germany now near Schöningen (Nature, DOI: 10.1038/ 385807a0). However, one population of modern chimpanzees in Senegal ...


Jul 17, 2017 ... How will the future be different? See this compilation of predictions on future technology from trusted groups like Scientific American.


Nov 27, 2017 ... Technology, science, and inventions have progressed at an accelerated rate during the hundred years of the 20th century, more so than any other century.