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The teenager should be taking a well balanced diet. The creatine supplement should benefit him/her for the serious training that is being undertaken. The parents, coach, athletic trainer and the doctor should all be involved in supervising the teenager. In such a case a teenager who is a serious athlete can take creatine ...



Feb 12, 2015 ... However, it should be noted that much less is known about the effects of creatine supplementation in younger individuals. Adolescent athletes should only consider taking creatine if the following conditions hold true: The athlete is past puberty and is involved in serious/competitive training that may benefit ...


Many athletes, including some children and adolescents, take creatine supplements because they think it will increase strength and improve sports performance. There is currently no conclusive evidence that creatine supplements improve performance for sports activities.


Feb 8, 2017 ... This means that a teenager's muscles and tendons are already stretching against bones that are growing fast, and they're already being taxed. Taking supplements like Creatine that are intended to stretch and tax them further is a recipe for disaster. From muscle strains to pulled ligaments and worse, the ...


I get more questions about creatine than any other supplement, questions such as… – What is creatine? – Does creatine really work? – What is the best kind of creatine? – Are there any side effects from taking creatine? – Is creatine safe? – Does creatine damage the kidneys? – Can teenagers take creatine?


Some creatine supplements may be marketed directly to teens, claiming to help them change their bodies without exercising. However, one survey ... In another study, creatine supplements boosted participants' moods and reduced their need for medication compared to those who didn't take creatine. However, other ...


I believe this question was originally worded as 'should a teenager take creatine? ' or something to that effect... It's not that a teen shouldn't take creatine and my answer above should not indicate that creatine is not safe. It's perfectly safe, and is more researched than even protein supplements are. Which by the way you ...


Jan 2, 2017 ... against pediatric use of creatine and testosterone boosters, research suggests that many young teenagers take these dietary supplements. Our objective was to determine to what extent health food stores would recommend and/or sell creatine and testosterone boosters to a 15-year-old boy customer.