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Grade 2 telling time worksheets plus skip counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding, fractions and much more. No advertisements and no login required.


Free 1st grade telling time worksheets. Also number charts, addition, subtraction, counting money and much more. No advertisements and no login required.


Create an unlimited supply of worksheets for telling time on an analog clock or for drawing hands on a clock face when the time is given (grades 1-3)! The worksheets can be made in html or PDF format — both are easy to print. You can also customize them using the generator below. Children start learning about clock and ...


Telling time practice sheets - Includes nearest 5 minutes, nearest minute, and quarter hour.


Time worksheets for learning to tell time. Produce clock faces for lesson plans or use for extra practice.


Create free custom time or clock worksheets for any grade level.


Time worksheets are a great tool for young students who want to read a clock or calendar. Our free printable time worksheets allow students to practice telling time in a fun way. With beautiful illustrations and clear instructions, these time worksheets show students how to read minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months.


The worksheets in this page contain telling time, drawing hands on clock faces, writing time in words, comparing analog and digital clock and more.


Telling Time. Number of Clocks on the Worksheet. 4 6 9. Choose a Worksheet. What time is it? Draw the hands on the clock. One hour increments. Half-hour increments. 15 minute increments. :00 :15 :30 :45 5 minute increments. :00 :05 : 10 :15 :20 :25 :30 :35 :40 :45 :50 :55 1 minute increments. Multiple worksheets. Create.