They sent him away to study music and to learn German, the language of Bohemia's educated classes. ... Composition for now was done on the side. ... and the Third Piano Trio (1883) are masterful, but owe much to Brahms's lead. The Sixth ...


He helped develop chamber music such as the piano trio and string quartet. ... Beethoven's compositions invoked both tremendous power, and soulfulness; ...


May 9, 2017 ... A quartet is a piece of music composed for a piano and three other instruments. ... use this genre title in his large output of short piano solo compositions. .... finale” for his piano trio, so Brahms was not without precedent here.


Professor Robert Greenberg of San Francisco Performances presents an outstanding opportunity to study and enjoy a variety of chamber works drawn primarily ...


Short piano compositions were described as “character pieces” and took on ..... the four-movement Piano Trio in D minor, Op. 11, and several volumes of songs.


Haydn was enormously busy with his own compositions and commissions; ... In August 1795, Beethoven performed his newly composed three Piano Trios ... The three Trios, in performance, comprise more than an hour and a half of music.


Aug 18, 2016 ... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's first ever composition was a dainty and balanced little Minuet and Trio in G major… and it's way better than ...


trio - a musical composition for three performers. quartette, quartet - a musical ... nocturne, notturno - a pensive lyrical piece of music (especially for the piano).


Music Cataloging at Yale ♪ General music cataloging resources. ... bagatelle: a short, light instrumental piece of music of no specified form, usually for piano. ... caprice/capriccio: term describing a variety of short composition types .... trio sonata: a 17th-18th-century sonata for two or three melody instruments and continuo ...