Insolvency in South African law refers to a status of diminished legal capacity ( capitis diminutio) ... In legal terms, however, the test for insolvency is whether or not the debtor's liabilities, fairly estimated, exceed his assets, fairly valued. .... The law proceeds from the premise that, once an order of sequestration is granted, ...


If any property distributed in the liquidation is subject to a liability or the ... the gross income of the liquidating corporation for the taxable year in which the plan of ...


17 CFR § 270.22e-3 - Exemption for liquidation of money market funds. ... in weekly liquid assets or, in the case of a fund that is a government money market fund, ... Any registered investment company, or series thereof, that owns, pursuant to ...


This Plan of Liquidation and Dissolution (the “Plan”) is intended to accomplish the ... Such claims or obligations shall be paid in full and any such provision for payment ... partnerships or other persons, or any combination thereof, including, without ... authorized by applicable law to receive the proceeds of such distribution.


Dec 1, 2004 ... IRC 331 - Gain or Loss to Shareholders in Corporate Liquidations ... Like any sale of stock, the shareholder receives capital gain ... Dissolution under state law or lack thereof will not be controlling for federal tax purposes.


Liquidation Proceeds means, with respect to a Defaulted Receivable, all amounts ... for all other costs and expenses incurred by it in any such proceedings; ... and all Liquidation Proceeds within two (2) Business Days after receipt thereof.


... or in a partial or complete liquidation of a corporation;; A redemption of stock; ... Gains from the sale, exchange or other disposition of any kind of property are ... Any income from these types of investments that is taxable for federal income tax ..... theft, seizure, or requisition or condemnation or threat or imminence thereof) ...


Dec 15, 2008 ... Trading in Index Warrants, Currency Index Warrants and Currency ... or employee thereof, or for the account of any customer, a purchase or ...


Section 9: Property surrendered to treasurer; liquidation; funds ... or the proceeds received from sale, but no person has any claim under this chapter ... registrar, or other person acting for or on behalf of a holder for any appreciation in the ... under provisions of this chapter shall pass absolute title to the purchaser thereof.