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Larger companies or corporations form syndicates to strengthen their position in the market. Internet companies and corporations, focusing on various Internet ventures, tend to form syndicates within their own group, with direct competitors involved. In such cases, they share a certain type of market, like brand management ...


United Media was a large editorial column and comic strip newspaper syndication service based in the United States, owned by the E. W. Scripps Company. It syndicated 150 comics and editorial columns worldwide. Its core businesses were the United Feature Syndicate and the Newspaper Enterprise Association.


The Collusion Syndicate, formerly the Collusion Group and sometimes spelled Collu5ion, C0llu5i0n or C011u5i0n, was a Computer Security and Internet Politics Special Interest Group (SIG) founded in 1995 and effectively disbanded around 2002.


Liberty Syndicate Management Ltd. provides insurance services. The Company offers commercial insurance, reinsurance, and underwriting services to property, contingent lines, and marine sectors. Corporate Information. Address: Plantation Place South. Great Tower Street. London, EC3R 5AZ. United Kingdom. Phone: ...


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Sep 8, 2014 ... Historically, brokers waited in line at a syndicate's box at Lloyd's in London to present the proposed risk they hoped to place with an underwriter. Once given ... This is extremely important for brokers in the United States, Asia, South America and other areas around the globe where Lloyd's does business.


Oct 22, 2015 ... In Syndicate, it's actually a far more pleasant place than it is now. More open, fewer armed guards and it isn't surrounded by paparazzi. Heck, you can even go in the garden. N.B Ignore the civilians crying murder in this clip; I didn't kill the PM , I just took out some Blighters.


Feb 14, 2018 ... Then wham! — an underdog populist challenge by 36-year-old African-American attorney, Randall Woodfin, stunned the city powers with a first-place showing that forced the mayor into an October runoff. Woodfin, a city prosecutor and school board member, went on to defeat Birmingham's corporate and ...


Design Syndicate has become Africa s leading wallpaper and wall coverings supplier.