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The Monroe Doctrine was a United States policy of opposing European colonialism in The Americas beginning in 1823. It stated that further efforts by European nations to take control of any independent state in North or South America would be viewed as "the manifestation of an unfriendly disposition toward the United ...


Nov 18, 2013 ... U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks on U.S. policy with the Western Hemisphere at the Organization of American States headquarters on November 18, 2013 in Washington, DC. Kerry delivered remarks focused on the US policy of partnership and engagement with the Western Hemisphere 2013 AFP.


Nov 21, 2013 ... Thus, the U.S. has expended enormous blood and treasure in Europe and Asia in what amounts to a preventive defense of the Monroe Doctrine. It appears ready to do so again in Asia in the decades ahead. So then why is the Obama administration calling for an end to the Monroe Doctrine even as it ...


This careful tiptoeing around the interventionist legacy of the Monroe Doctrine came to an end in the administration of Ronald Reagan. Taking advantage of the backlash of the Vietnam War, and determined to affect the outcome of guerrilla wars and revolutions in El Salvador and Nicaragua, Reagan referred to the doctrine ...


The Monroe Doctrine is the best known U.S. policy toward the Western Hemisphere. Buried in a routine annual message delivered to Congress by President James Monroe in December 1823, the doctrine warns European nations that the United States would not tolerate further colonization or puppet monarchs.


Nov 18, 2013 ... Secretary of State John Kerry, in a speech to the Organization of American States , declared the end of the Monroe Doctrine,


Nov 19, 2013 ... And in fact, Latin America has been somewhat on the backburner of U.S. foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. Top Comment. Does Kerry know what the Monroe Doctrine actually says? "...the American continents, by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and maintain, are ...


Apr 11, 2015 ... President Obama officially closed a chapter in U.S. history that has guided presidents since nearly beginning, indicating the United States will no longer act to resist overseas influence in the Hemisphere. Obama, who spoke Friday during a “civil society” forum in Panama City, Panama, disparaged past ...


Dec 1, 2011 ... The British firm Rockhopper Exploration was the first company to obtain oil off the coast of the Falkland Islands in 2010. Since then, these oil deposits have raised the stakes of the historical territorial dispute between the United Kingdom and Argentina over these islands located in the South Atlantic Ocean.