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Pelias was king of Iolcus in Greek mythology. Contents. [hide]. 1 Family; 2 Mythology. 2.1 Early ... One day, Poseidon, filled with lust for Tyro, disguised himself as Enipeus and from their ... In Virgil's Aeneid, Hera had disguised herself as an old woman, whom Jason was helping across the river when he lost his sandal.


On his way he helped an old woman by carrying her across a river. ... the stream but earned the gratitude of the woman, who was the goddess Hera in disguise.


Across. 1. The goddess disguised as an old woman that Jason helped across the river. 5. What Medea gave to Jason to protect him from the fire-breathing bulls ...


Unknown to Pelias, this was going to be Goddess Hera's revenge. ... across the river Anauros, Jason came across an old woman trying to cross over to the other side. Being a good-natured young man, Jason helped the woman across but the ... he had helped Hera, Queen of the Gods, who had disguised herself into an old  ...


To help you find your favorite shows and great local content, we've selected ... The Greek myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece is one of the oldest myths of ... At a nearby river, Hera the Queen of the Gods approaches him disguised as an old woman. While carrying her across the river he loses a sandal and arrives at court ...


By the age of twenty, Jason, with the help of goddess Hera, decided to return to ... her across a river; the old woman, in fact, was no other than Hera in disguise ...


Jason was the son of the lawful king of Iolcus, but his uncle Pelias had usurped the throne. ... or would he give way to her request to be ferried across the stream? Jason ... For the old woman was none other than Hera in disguise. ... The goddess Hera, who had it in for Pelias, enlisted the aid of her fellow goddess Athena.


But just as he raised the knife over his son on the altar, a wondrous, golden winged ram ... he lost one of his sandals which got stuck in the mud of the river bed. ... What Jason did not know was that the old woman was actually goddess Hera, who ... how the goddess was planning to take her revenge by helping Jason along.


Jason, Argonauts, Golden Fleece, The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Argonautika, ... disguised herself as an old woman and waited for Jason on the banks of the Anauros. .... Aietes but the goddesses Hera and Athene helped facilitate the meeting. ... up the Ister River [the Danube] and across southern Europe, hoping to elude ...