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The AOL search data leak was the release, in August 2006, of detailed search logs by AOL of a ... With her permission, they exposed user #4417749 as Thelma Arnold, a 62-year-old widow from Lilburn, Georgia. This privacy breach was widely ...


Aug 9, 2006 ... It did not take much investigating to follow that data trail to Thelma Arnold, a 62- year-old widow who lives in Lilburn, Ga., frequently researches ...


Aug 9, 2006 ... Today the first person was positively identified from the data – Thelma Arnold, a 62-year-old widow who lives in Lilburn, Georgia. Based on ...


Jan 24, 2018 ... The younger sibling of Bernard and Thelma, Arnold was sent from his childhood home in Brooklyn to Galveston, Texas, to attend high school.


Seitdem die „New York Times“ den Patzer Anfang August am Beispiel Arnold aufdeckte, weiß die Öffentlichkeit, dass Thelma Arnold ein Ungezieferproblem hat ...


Aug 11, 2006 ... 4417749 was 62-year-old Thelma Arnold. Indeed, Arnold has a "dog who urinate on everything," just as she'd typed into the search box.

Nov 22, 2017 ... Bryan and Reggie are best friends who are in the music business in Missouri. When Reggie enters Brian for a chance to go to L.A., Bryan wins ...


Feb 20, 2013 ... Most famously, within days of the July 2006 data release, The New York Times identifed AOL user Thelma Arnold. advertisement. advertisement.


Thelma Arnold. 62-year-old widow. Lilburn, Georgia. Observation. The owners of the database know a lot about the users! This poses a risk to users' privacy.