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All who attend programs or work parties at Indralaya are encouraged to act in harmony with the principles of theosophical life that guide our activities here. A central premise of theosophy (which can be defined as the perennial wisdom) is that we are all one. Reverence for life, compassion for all, sympathy with the need of ...


e.g., Bhuh, Tapah, Tamah, etc. {d) The sibilant ^, many writers prefer to represent simply by accenting the letter S (thus, ^ivd). While giving cross-references where needful, I have defined these words under the Sh trans- literation, as being that more usual with theosophical writers. Thus, Shiva^ not ^iva. The same remarks ...


Jun 22, 2016 ... Pablo Sender explores the Theosophical Society tradition which has developed a wealth of teachings about the spiritual life that constitutes a distinctive system of ... The 2016 School of Theosophy was directed by Dr Pablo Sender, assisted by Michelle Sender. ... Definitions & Foundations by Pablo Sender.


Dec 15, 1998 ... The term, as describing Islamic “theosophy,” is a broad and somewhat amorphous concept adopted by 20th century scholarship. ... For the purpose of defining the parameters of ʿerfān, it is not helpful to exaggerate certain affinities between ʿerfān and Ismaʿili thought, traced by Louis Massignon (pp.


“What Are the Theosophists?” embodies instruction on this theme, showing the folly of supposing that any human association can be more than a body of seekers. In its highest meaning—in its fruition—. Theosophy is defined as “ spiritual knowledge itself—the very essence of philosophical and theistic inquiry.


Sep 13, 2014 ... One definition of Theosophy says that theosophical thought is 'based on the direct and immediate experience of the divine'. Other definitions refer to a ' mystical insight' as the basis of theosophical teachings and beliefs. Those two statements refer to the same thing. The intellectual content of Theosophy is ...


Theosophical books contain many unfamiliar conceptions, terms and allusions without adequate definition or explanation in available dictionaries and encyclopedias. The Theosophical Glossary, published in 1892, meets this need. The Glossary provides 389 pages of definitions and brief philosophical essays by H.P. ...


Theosophy meaning in Urdu: علم حضرات - aalim hazrat meaning, Definition Synonyms at English to Urdu dictionary gives you the best and accurate urdu translation and meanings of Theosophy and aalim hazrat Meaning.


First of all we might ask: What is Theosophy? Where is it defined in our Objects? Any definition would limit it. We can perhaps say that it is Divine Wisdom, Perennial Wisdom Truth. So immediately, I quote from Bro. Sri Ram who said: ' Some time ago I came across a book called Theosophy of the Upanishads written some ...