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This is the first of a two-part published version of a speech Margaret Sanger gave to the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India. For the second part, see "Birth Control," The Theosophist, Sept. 1936, pp. 507-11. ... of the sufferings of women. It was not known as birth control, and perhaps it did not have the same definition.


Apr 22, 2013 ... Let me hasten to say that I do not think that merely the narrowing of a definition has turned every Theosophical organization into a racket. Within The Theosophical Society in America, for example, there still is a significant, original- idea “searching-for-Truth" component among the membership—even if such ...


The Theosophist Office: ADYAR, MADRAS, INDIA. ... The Theosophical Glossary purposes to give information on the principal Sanskrit, Pahlavi, Tibetan, Pâli, Chaldean, Persian, Scandinavian, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Kabalistic and Gnostic ..... The later schools of Agnosticism give more philosophical definitions of the term.


Theosophy knows no dogma's, no prescriptions, rules of conduct or preconditions about what to believe or not. It seeks ... The sapta ratnāṇi or 'seven jewels' of wisdom form the core of the theosophical body of teachings. .... This definition also holds for the esoteric teachings concerning the interconnectedness of all beings.


Theosophy is defined as, "knowledge of God that is attained through inspiration and Divine illumination." The result is a type of mystical philosophy. The term comes from the Greek theos, "god" and sophos, "wise." Theosophic thought can be found in the Upanishads which are metaphysical treatises found in Sanskrit.


W. B. Yeats's 'A Vision' and the links to Theosophy.


Jan 6, 2017 ... It is really beyond all definition and description but is THAT which is referred to in Hinduism as Brahman or Parabrahm, in Buddhism as Adi-Buddhi, and in the Kabbalah as Ain-Soph. It is not a Person or Being of any kind. It would be misleading and mis-representative to speak of it as “God” since it is not ...


Apr 29, 2014 ... Defining Theosophy p. 5. The Formation of the Theosophical Society p. 5-8. Objectives p. 9-10. Alternative Histories: Theosophical Truths and Hindu Nationalism. 1. Conceptualizing Indian Nationalism p. 10-12. 2. Theosophy Makes its Way to Adyar p. 12-15. 3. Politicized Theosophy and the Origins of the  ...


The Theosophical Society, as far as I am aware, has no view on this subject, however it is one worth exploring and I present some ideas below in this direction .Definition: “Homosexuality, sexual interest in and attraction to members of one's own sex. The term 'gay' is frequently used as a synonym for homosexual; female  ...