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Recent work on the nature of revelation has given him the definition of revelation as "coincidence of divinely guided event and divinely guided apprehension", in this .... Theosophy differs from speculative philosophy in allowing validity to some classes of mystical experience as regard soul and spirit, and in recognising ...


The teachings of Theosophy are presented as a synthesis of science, religion and philosophy (the subtitle of H.P. Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine). ..... last quarter of the 20th century a lot of misunderstandings have been created by the usage of this term unless the speaker actually explains which definition is being used.


The Theosophical Society was founded by the Masters of Wisdom ... to give to mankind a religio-philosophical and scientific explanation of life's riddles, based upon the ... If our interests are in art and music, we give it a theosophical touch. ...... Now, in this abstract definition, one can look at TS history in a broader way.


To Theosophists reincarnation is an integral part of the evolutionary process an is applied to everything on the evolutionary ladder of life. Reincarnation:- a definition by W Q Judge. Rebirth of the soul into human bodies. The oldest belief of the world, that the Soul or Ego of man has lived on Earth many times previously to the ...


presentation of self within the courtyard and on the. V7n2: Abstraction and Theosophy, Page 4 gallery; and the loose enclosure defined by the opened court , vehicular access and raised walkway (gallery) was equated with sociability by residents. It was no wonder that photographs of families sitting or engaging the cart.


theories concerning the social function of religion, as expressed in The Elementary. Forms of Religious Life (1912). In this section, I give a short presentation of some of his ideas as well as demonstrate that, according to Durkheim's definition,. Theosophy and the version of Rosicrucianism created by Max Heindel can be ...


A term derived from the Greek theos ('god') and sophia ('wisdom') which means wisdom of or about God, referring to a philosophical religious system which claims absolute knowledge of the existence and nature of the deity, and is not to be confounded with the later system evolved by the founders of the Theosophical  ...


Theosophists' valorization of a distinctively national cultural foundation was welcomed in the revival to the extent that it did not interfere with other authorities' well-guarded responsibilities in defining the elements of that cultural foundation. The ridicule which some priestly intellectuals poured on Theosophical promotions of ...


Jun 13, 2017 ... One of the great problems of conveying esoteric theosophical information is the language and the definition of terms. Each Round exists for several hundred thousand years, gradually giving rise to the next through series of geologically slow destructions and creations, alterations and mutations. Each new ...