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Information About Excessive Throat Mucus Problems.Info to Help You Loosen Constant Phlegm and Reduce Thick Sputum.


Sep 13, 2016 ... In these healthy patients, the throat mucus sensation is often ... which can lead to thick spit which can hang in the back of the mouth or throat.


Apr 19, 2016 ... It protects the tissue that lines your lungs, throat, and nasal and sinus ... Having thick mucus can make it seem like more mucus is being ...


Dec 26, 2004 ... I have a feeling of thick sticky mucous in my throat that wont move up or down. When by a miracle I CAN get something up, it is clear, sticky, ...


Apr 26, 2016 ... If you're wondering what causes mucus in your throat, well, here are 19 causes. ... Related: Thick saliva in throat causes and home remedies.


Sep 15, 2016 ... Hello,. Suffering for 2 years with sensation of thick mucus stuck at the back of the nose, which I'm often able to hock up out of my mouth (clear ...


Results 1 - 124 of 124 ... Difficulty swallowing, Excessive mouth watering, Thick saliva or mucus · Bad taste in mouth, Spots on throat, Thick saliva or mucus.


Luckily, there are lots of ways to clear your throat of mucus. This wikiHow will ... and cuts the mucus. Stick with lighter broths instead of thicker, creamier soups.


Dec 10, 2008 ... But you and I may simply call it snot. No matter ... Ear, nose and throat specialists suggest that the normal color of mucus is clear. A cloudy or ...