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Thomas Michael Hardiman (born July 8, 1965) is a United States Circuit Judge of the United ... The Supreme Court agreed and unanimously reversed in Taylor v. ... participation in 'All About Me' week to nonreligious perspectives," which " plainly constituted" discrimination. .... v. First Correctional Medical, Inc., et al" ( PDF).


State v. Mann: 1829 - In Defense Of Slavery ... Judge: Thomas Ruffin ... Thomas Ruffin was the chief justice of that court, and the appeal put him in a very bad position. ... et al. Trial of Bathsheba Spooner: 1778 - Bathsheba Plots To Kill Her  ...


Mar 1, 2009 ... State v. Mann overturned a Chowan County jury's conviction of. John Mann for assault upon a .... For all its cloak of authority, the opinion pronounced by Thomas ..... freedom, Beaufort, Bertie, Carteret, Chowan, et al. Counties ...


Shirley M. Thomas brought suit for money had and received against Edward Harris and Marvin Favors...aapp3611355. ... THOMAS v. HARRIS et al. Court of ... Lipshutz, Macey, Zusmann & Sikes, Winston H. Morriss, for appellant. Mitchell, Pate ...


Also unsealed on October 27, 2015 were the guilty pleas of four Company employees -- MARK LAVIN, JESSICA MANN, JOHN SALATINO, and JENNIFER  ...


Thomas Ruffin protected the institution of slavery in his decision in State v. Mann. Ruffin ignored a precedent that would have led to the case being decided in ...


Mar 9, 2011 ... ... a giant amoebal virus encoding histone doublets. Thomas V(1), Bertelli C, Collyn F, Casson N, Telenti A, Goesmann A, Croxatto A, Greub G.


M.M., et al v. Dist 0001 Lancaster Co. .... Date: December 10, 2012. Docket Number: 12-2236. United States v. Mann ..... Solomon v. U.S. Marshal Thomas, et al


Davies v. Mann was decided in 1842. The facts, substantially as set forth in the reported case, ... All that is perfectly correct ; for, although the ass may have been wrongfully there, still the .... 1 2 Thompson, Negligence, 1 156 ; Beach, Contributory Negligence, 10, II et passim ... 6 Weblin v Ballard, 17 Q. B. D. 122; Thomas v.