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Thornton v. United States, 541 U.S. 615 (2004), was a decision by the United States Supreme Court, which held that when a police officer makes a lawful custodial arrest of an automobile's occupant, the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution allows the officer to search the vehicle's passenger compartment as ...


Mar 31, 2004 ... Marcus Thornton was stopped after getting out of his vehicle by a police officer who had noticed that the license plate on Thornton's Lincoln Town Car belonged to a Chevy two-door car. During his conversation with Thornton, the officer asked if he could search him. During the search he found two bags of ...


Jun 12, 2007 ... Klepsky v. United Parcel Service. Page 2. 1. “Triples” are three-trailer rigs that are considered “long combination vehicles.” Special permits must be .... Thornton v. Southwest Detroit Hosp., 895 F.2d 1131,. 1133 (6th Cir. 1990). Klepsky's claims do not raise a federal cause of action under 28 U.S.C. § 1331,.


Jun 24, 2008 ... Clark v. United Parcel Service, Inc., 400 F.3d at 341, 349-50 (6th Cir.2005) ( citations omitted). There is no dispute that FedEx had promulgated and disseminated a facially effective sexual harassment policy. Plaintiff acknowledges having received more than one copy of the Employee Handbook, which ...


Slip Opinions: This page contains clickable hypertext links to read, search, and copy the full text of N.C. Supreme Court and N.C. Court of Appeals slip opinions in Workers' Compensation and Tort Award cases initially handled by the N.C. Industrial Commission (NCIC). The page also has links to court pages in the ...


Feb 1, 2006 ... The dashed line indicates the bottom edge of the book. UNITED STATES. REPORTS. 557. OCT. TERM 2008 .... the Supreme Court of the United States, Sonia Sotomayor. We are pleased to have with us today the President of the. United States. On behalf of the Court, ...... United Parcel Service, Inc. .


Powerex Corp. v. Reliant Energy Services, Inc. , 551 U. S. 224 (2007). Brendlin v. California, 551 U. S. 249 (2007). Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC v. Billing ..... Grupo Dataflux v. Atlas Global Group, L. P., 541 U. S. 567 (2004). Sabri v. United States, 541 U. S. 600 (2004). Thornton v. United States, 541 U. S. 615 (2004).


Jan 20, 2004 ... 1. Lower courts may be unwilling to hold that carpal tunnel syndrome or similar physical impairments are disabilities, no matter how severe these impairments are. a. Richard v. United States Postal Service b. Thornton v. McClatchy Newspapers, Inc. 2. The number of cases resolved in favor of employers on.


23 purposes. See, e.g., Hohider v. United Parcel Service, Inc.,. 574 F.3d 169 (3d Cir. 2009); In re Hydrogen Peroxide Antitrust. Litig., 552, F.3d 305, 320 (3d Cir. ... e.g., Newton v. Merrill Lynch, 259 F.3d 154, 166 (3d Cir. 2001); Gariety v. Grant Thornton, LLP, 368 F.3d 356, 366 (4th. Cir. 2004); Unger v. Amedisys, Inc., 401 ...