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On a check – which is one of the few places where you see such numbers written out in their long form – you might see any of the following conventions used: .... But i can write USD 23,428.32 as " U. S. DOLLARS TWENTY-THREE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT AND THIRTY-TWO HUNDREDTHS".


EIGHT THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS ($8,850) IN UNITED STATES CURRENCY. .... On March 2, 1976, Agent Pompeo again contacted the attorney regarding an interview with Vasquez, and an interview took place three days later. On April 26, 1976, the ..... P. 41(e) for a return of the seized property.


1, one, first. 2, two, second. 3, three, third. 4, four, fourth. 5, five, fifth. 6, six, sixth. 7 , seven, seventh. 8, eight, eighth. 9, nine, ninth. 10, ten, tenth. 11, eleven, eleventh ... 31, thirty-one, thirty-first. 40, forty, fortieth. 50, fifty, fiftieth. 60, sixty, sixtieth. 70, seventy, seventieth. 80, eighty, eightieth. 90, ninety, ninetieth. 100, one hundred ...


American English four hundred thirty-two. 1,000, a/one thousand. 1,001, a/one thousand and one. 1,100, one thousand one hundred/eleven hundred. 2,000, two thousand. 2,932, British English two thousand nine hundred and thirty-two. American English two thousand nine hundred thirty-two. 3,100, three thousand one ...


The six steps include filling out the date on the check, writing the name of the check recipient, writing the dollar amount in numbers, writing the dollar amount in words, filling in the memo field ... For instance you'd write “1,542.63” without the quotes for a one thousand five hundred forty two dollar and sixty three cent check .


that the U.S. Secret Service U.S. Dollars Counterfeit Note Search website ... The circulation of U.S. currency abroad provides benefits to both the United States ...... to demonstrate that partnership with the private sector can supplement Reserve Bank capabilities and be a cost-effective and market-sensitive approach. 41 ...