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Solar time is a calculation of the passage of time based on the position of the Sun in the sky. The fundamental unit of solar time is the day. Two types of solar time ...


Also, try the alternate Flash page or see About This Site. Yq_gy"9;. Synchronizing . Yq_gy"9;. Synchronizing. 24-hr. Pacific Time. Pacific Time. Pacific Time.


Right now, the official U.S. time is: Pacific Time. 04:18:20 p.m.. Corrected for ...


Universal Time, time zones, daylight savings time, sidereal time, Julian Day numbers, and more.


7 million locations, 46 languages, synchronized with atomic clock time.


Sep 24, 2009 ... The audio portions of the WWV and WWVH broadcasts can also be heard by telephone. The time announcements are normally delayed by less ...


A loosely specified period of time, minutes or hours in duration, especially daytime, or point in time. "At what time of day and year are the winds strongest?


Animated USNO Time in Standard Time Zones (Requires Javascript be enabled.) USNO Time in Standard Time Zones. Converting from Universal Time.


To "give someone the time of day" means you acknowledge them, while "not giving someone the time of day" implies that you think you're better than the other  ...