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time of day
a definite time as shown by a timepiece; the hour: Can you tell me the time of day?
a minimum of attention: He wouldn't even give her the time of day.
the current time; the present: The younger generation in this time of day encounters problems quite different from those of past generations.
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A loosely specified period of time, minutes or hours in duration, especially daytime, or point in time. "At what time of day and year are the winds strongest?


Time of day definition, a definite time as shown by a timepiece; the hour: Can you tell me the time of day? See more.


Define time of day: the time as indicated by the clock; the present time; the state of the case : the true situation — time of day in a sentence.


Universal Time, time zones, daylight savings time, sidereal time, Julian Day numbers, and more.


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