Jan 8, 2015 ... Being lighter could provide me with an extra edge that I wanted and needed to become a better runner. In addition to ... I told myself, Anorexics don't eat at all, so I can't be anorexic. .... If you are struggling, please get help.


Apr 2, 2010 ... I call myself "half anorexic" because I have the thoughts- Being afraid ... other times telling myself I'm fine and look fine, and believing it. Help?


May 15, 2017 ... I developed anorexia at 13, and went on to struggle with depression. This is ... If you ask for help and you don't get it, please ask someone else.


Does Exercise Help You Lose Weight? Get started today! I did everything plan said and lost 23 pounds in the first three weeks. You'll see results in just a few ...


Jul 18, 2017 ... Anorexics often engage in excessive exercise to lose weight. ... for Nutritional Healing," acidophilus is required by anorexics to help replace the ...