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Sep 2, 2017 ... Take, for example, Tomas Pendola, a high school chemistry teacher who came to this country at age 10. Now aged 25, he is one of about 20,000 Dreamers teaching in our schools. If they are deported, hundreds of thousands of our nation's children will lose their teachers. Trump's decision to end DACA ...


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Oct 7, 2011 ... As we mentioned with yesterday's report on the Philippe Malouin and J&L Lobmeyr collaboration, the Passionswege ("pilgrimage ways") program of Vienna Design Week hooks up young international designers with Viennese companies renowned for their high quality products in order to create an ...


Tomas Pendola, a chemistry teacher at one of Florida's best high schools, arrived in Miami at the age of 10 and now feels more American than Argentinian. But his way of life and his plans for the future could vanish with a stroke of Donald Trump's pen. The president on Tuesday could scrap the so-called DACA program that ...


4 sept. 2017 ... Washington (AFP) - Elu sur un discours de grande fermeté sur l'immigration, Donald Trump tranche mardi sur un dossier sensible: le sort de centaines de milliers de jeunes sans-papiers autorisés à rester aux Etats-Unis par l' administration précédente et très largement intégrés à la société américaine.


4 Dic 2017 ... Por el lado de los varones, que compitieron en suelo y salto, Thiago Pendola y Tomás Castro se llevaron las divisionales Masculina 1 y 2, respectivamente. Las chicas, en tanto, tuvieron diferentes categorías y niveles. En Proyección 2 mini, Juana Judez fue la ganadora, en tanto que en Proyección 2 ...


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Oct 31, 2016 ... IQGAP1 is a multidomain scaffold protein involved in many cellular processes. We have determined the crystal structure of an N-terminal fragment spanning residues 1–191 (CHDF hereafter) that contains the entire calponin homology domain. The structure of the CHDF is very similar to those of other type 3 ...


Tomas Pendola. Nicholas Perera. Auril Perez. Lindsey Peters. Billy Phillips. Jenilane Pirez. Ana Plana. Felizitas Pollak-Reby. Leslie Pope. Lucia Portuondo. Ana Maria Posse. Barbara Quinaz. Laura Leigh Rampey. Brian Rapoza. Chelsea Raya. Jeffrey Raymond. Elena Rivas. Fernando Rodriguez. Christopher Rossin.