Aug 4, 2011 ... Soil moisture-based, high-frequency, low-volume (pulsed) irrigation management strategies have saved water while maintaining yields of ...


Abstract. A low-volume/high frequency (LVHF) soil moisture- based drip irrigation system was tested on a commercial toma- to farm in south Florida.


Nov 5, 2013 ... There's no "right" frequency to water; check on your plants every day or two and ... Adding organic matter to the soil will help the soil retain moisture, ... will kill many plants, including beans, cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes.


While I just keep the tomatoes watered well, and fed them when they first set .... Each season will change the frequency required to get water to that desired ...


When you're done, work the epsom salt into the soil. This makes it easier for your tomato plants to obtain nutrients from the soil, building stronger root and burst ...


Jan 21, 2003 ... Assuming not every tomato is treated the same and recognizing the attributes of the planters I am wondering about the watering frequency.


Apr 13, 2012 ... Water is one of the more important pieces in the greenhouse, and how, when and with what you are watering can make a big difference.


I have two Topsy Turvy planters with tomato plants. ... You're going to have to figure out watering frequency for yourself--there are too many ...


Aubergines, sweet corn and tomatoes all need watering well to aid ... to keep water thirsty crops such as courgettes and tomatoes supplied with the water they  ...